Tiverton Town 50FC Lotto

Introducing the New Tiverton Town Football Club Lotto Draw

What is it and how does it work?

The Tiverton Lotto is a lottery competition run for the benefit of Tiverton Town Football Club, its members and the participants of the game. Prize money for each month is split 50% towards prize funds and 50% to the club. Money made by the club through the lottery will be spent directly on improvements and activities within the club

Entry in to the 50/50 Lotto draw is open to anyone
£10 Buys you one Lotto Number for one month’s draw
Draw takes place at the last home game of the season either 1st team or reserves

  • 1st Drawn Number wins 35% of the entry money for that Month
  • 2nd Drawn Number wins 10% of the entry money for that Month
  • 3rd Drawn Number wins 5% of the entry money for that Month

The remainder of the money goes directly to supporting the club

How Do I enter?

Entry is accepted once payment is received for your number
You will be allocated a number for your entry to your first draw
This number will remain yours for all further draws unless payment is not received
ALL Payments MUST be received by TTFC by the 20th of Each Month to be eligible for that months draw

Who can enter?

Anybody can enter so long as they are over 18 years of age. It is not limited to people who attend the games. If you are a long distance supporter of Tiverton Town you can get involved too.

All the results will be published on-line and you can play/pay via the internet once everything is up and running

How Do I pay?

Standing order, Bank Transfer, Paypal, Cheque

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