Ivybridge Capitulation

We went into the Ivybridge game with high hopes after our visitors had struggled into the start of the new season.
Unfortunately we weren’t prepared for what was to come. The first half started badly with a penalty for handball, and then we fell off the edge of a cliff performance wise. If Launceston away was woeful, I’m not even sure how to describe what happened, and can only apologies to the fans for the performance the lads put out there.
As a whole team we were poor, our passing was loose, weak, under hit and easily picked off, our movement was as bad, we seemed very slow in our build up play allowing the opposition time to regain shape, we were weak in the challenge and easily knocked off balls, picking up runners was poor, marking tight was poor etc etc….
Perhaps some players have underestimated how big the step would be, as defensively we are lacking as a team, and that has shown… Maybe if we had taken some the easier chances we created early the story would be different, but we weren’t clinical enough in front of goal, and that puts pressure on you defensively to not concede.
5-0 down at half, and undone by a long ball game we would normally deal with so well, things will need to change quickly, especially with Saltash as our next game, who are currently flying… Not a good thought at the moment.
The 2nd half was slightly better, still creating chances, but we were still a bit slow in our build up play, but much room for improvement. We need to grow as men on the pitch, play as a team and not individuals, and be physically up for the challenge that every game this season will throw at us. Improvement and changes are needed quickly from all to stabilise and move forward as a team. Hopefully that happens quickly, as we don’t want to witness another defeat like this…

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