Reserves Record Run

It has recently come to light that after a very successful season last year in the Peninsula East Division, the reserves have actually set a record run of unbeaten games. Another feather in the cap for all hard work and effort put in throughout the season by all involved in the team. It was Phil Hiscox who picked up on our feat after someone had asked about who may have had the best start to a season in the Peninsula Leagues history to date. Mr Hiscox said:

Just following up – The East history has a better start in terms of games unbeaten, I had not thought to look at the hand in front of my face as only last season Tiverton Town went until 16th April unbeaten, a run of some 27 league games without defeat although it did include some draws, including 2 on the trot to start the season. They did achieve during the run of 27 games some 9 straight victories.

Surely something else for the club to be proud of, and proof that the support and faith the club has put in Warren, his team and players, has been fully justified by the success they have brought to the club. And hopefully long may it continue…

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