Tom Gardner

Long-serving centre-half who played for Exmouth Town before joining Tiverton in 2005. A long-time target of manager Martyn Rogers, Tom played a single Devon Cup game for the Yellows in 2002, but was initially apprehensive about joining the club permanently, finally accepting an offer three years after his one-match cameo. Tom spent a short time at Truro City and helped the White Tigers to the Western League title in 2008, but uncertainly at Treyew Road regarding the full-time status of the club saw him return to Ladysmead as City manager and former Tivvy player Dave Leonard also left the club.

Although usually employed in central defence, Tom has also filled in as a full-back, both on the left and right side of the defensive line, and during his first season with the club also acted as an emergency striker. But most notably, he has donned the gloves on several occasions and passed this unusual test with flying colours, helping the side to a 2-0 victory at Brackley in 2007, a 1-1 draw with Halesowen a week later, and then filling in again in a 2-2 draw at Banbury in 2010. Late in the 2011/12 season Tom achieved the milestone of playing in 300 games for Tiverton, an achievement for which he was recognised by both the club and the supporters, and more that three years later he continues to perform at a high standard consistently as he edges towards Tivvy immortality.


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